○ Environmental policy of Admatechs

Admatechs Corporation Limited recognizes that global environment conservation is an issue of the highest priority common to all humankind,
is actively involved in global environment conservation with the participation of all executives and employees,
and promotes coexistence with business and harmony with nature.

  • 1We will establish an environmental management system and continue to improve it.
  • 2We will observe environment-related laws and regulations, and other treaties we agree to.
  • 3We will address the development and promotion of environment-friendly products, energy and resource saving, waste reduction and recycling,
    and will take action to maintain and improve the global environment and to prevent contamination.
  • 4We will address the management of substances of concern included in our products, and reduce their impact on the environment.
  • 5We will provide thorough guidance for our all employees so that they can act in line with the environmental policy.
  • 2019.07.01 President
    Susumu Abe
  • 2019.07.01 Environmental Management supervisor
    Yasunari Tanemura


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