○ Environmental policy of ADMATECHS

ADMATECHS COMPANY LIMITED recognizes that global environment conservation is an issue of the highest priority common to all humankind, and
addresses environment conservation with the participation of all executives and employees to prevent global warming and establish a sustainable society.

  • 1We will establish an environmental management system to reduce our environmental burden, and continue to improve it.
  • 2We will observe environment-related laws and regulations, and other requirements, and promote coexistence with local communities to prevent environment contamination.
  • 3We will promote energy saving in production processes, introduction of innovative technologies, and use of renewable energy to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • 4We will address resource saving, waste reduction, and recycling to maintain and improve the global environment.
  • 5We will promote the development of products considering their lifecycle to create a sustainable society where economic activities are compatible with environment conservation.
  • 6We will increase our consciousness in accordance with the environmental policy, and each of us will act with self-awareness and responsibility to become involved in a wide range of environmental conservation activities.
  • June 29, 2023
  • Osamu Nakano, President
  • Susumu Sekiguchi, Environmental Management Supervisor


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