○ Admatechs’s CSR procurement policies

Admatechs has formulated our CSR procurement policies. By implementing these with suppliers, we will devote ourselves to achieving a sustainable society.

  • 1Respect for human rights
    We will observe laws, regulations, and social norms, and promote procurement from suppliers that value human resources without discrimination or harassment.
  • 2Appropriate working practices
    We will request that our suppliers create working conditions that comply with relevant laws and regulations, and be committed to ensuring the health and safety for their employees, and cultivating human resources.
  • 3Environmental efforts
    We will promote green procurement to reduce environmental load in order to conserve the global environment and achieve sustainable procurement.
  • 4Fair business practices
    We will conduct business with suppliers in an honest and unrestricted manner to build a trustworthy relationship and strive for coexistence and coprosperity.
  • 5Achievement of customer satisfaction
    We will reflect requirements for safety, quality, price, lead time etc. in our procurement activities so that we can provide products that meet customers’ expectations.

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